Yum Cars

Yum Wheels Bottle


Yum Wheels is the most high performance and technologically advanced wheel cleaner you have ever tried!

It is a pH neutral formula that specifically targets iron and metallic particles left behind by today’s modern brakes whilst also containing vital degreaser to remove road film and other contaminants.

Safe on painted, powder coated, clear coated and chrome wheels.

The thick gel like viscosity clings to wheels for excellent cleaning power.
Dissolves brake dust, road grime and dirt.

This 2 in 1 wheel cleaner will colour change to a bleed effect once it reacts with sintered particles from brake dust fallout.

Yum Wheels application on car wheel


First impressions are the smell. Yum have tried to cover the typical egg smell you get from all fallout removers with what I think is a pleasant bubblegum scent.

Whilst the bubblegum scent is nice, the fallout remover eggy odour does still creep up your nostrils. The first manufacturer to finally hide the eggy smell will have the holy grail of fallout.

I have come to learn that the viscosity of fallout is very important. Too liquidy and it just falls off, too thick and you end up struggling with the spray. Thankfully Yum have got this almost right for a small spray head, I'm sure it will work well through the larger spray head too.



Following Yum's guidelines the wheels were first soaked before liberally applying Wheels and agitating the surface after the product starts to react. Once done each wheel was rinsed thoroughly before moving on to the next one.

Tools used for the job: ValetPro brushes + Wheel Woolies



Yum Wheels is certainly a product which can deliver. As you can see from the wheel, there wasn't a spec of iron left on the wheel. Considering the brake dust white wheels usually attract, I was impressed!

The spray head of the small (Kompact) bottle was the only thing which was a little challenge it down simply because the spread of the spray mean a lot of finger action on this type of wheel. Using a normal spray head with a trigger is the only remedy in my opinion... or I just need to man up!

Bottle aside, the product fits easily in my top fallout removers on the market, and believe me I have used a few! Available in both 250ml and 500ml bottles, for the amount you will likely use on a car, I would say go for the 500ml bottle. You won't be disappointed.