Yum Cars



Give your tyres that lustrous deep rich shine! YumDress has been specifically designed for our customers wanting a wet, lustrous gloss.

YumDress has a non greasy formula which is designed for use on a washed, decontaminated and fully dried rubber or plastic surface that is cool to the touch.

YumDress is a simple, user friendly dressing that gives tyres, plastic bumpers and door seals a rich, glossy appearance without the worry of run off, sling or fading when applied correctly.

Prefer a satin look? Simply apply, wait a few minutes and level the dressing with the YumCars Utility Towel to give the perfect satin look that will last.



Presentation with this looked promising. A thick gel to touch and leaving a silicon feel when running in on the fingers, this felt a bit like a couple of other tyre dressing products I have used, all of which I like. So it’s fair to say the presentation and first appearances had my hopes up that this product was going to be good.



Using Yum’s HexGrip applicator, simply apply a few dots and then work in to the tyre. Once rubbed in, remove any excess product from the tyre and leave for at least 30mins. If you are after an even glossier finish you can add more layers, but I stopped after one layer.



Using the HexGrip with it’s wide surface, it was pretty quick to get around the tyre. However, the pad did prove a little bit difficult when trying to apply in the more intricate parts, such as between the printed writing and the tight wall next to the rim. I think this is down to the rigidity and the shape of the pad face itself. Otherwise a good applicator and one I will continue to use.

The product itself left a nice finish, not too glossy and not too dull. Sounding a little bit like Goldilocks, the finish was just right for what I like. There are too may tyre shine products out there which are OTT with the gloss finish. 

In terms of durability, a week after the product was applied it’s still there, just. The gloss has worn away somewhat but as it stands the cars which have tested this out have been used daily and covering c.500 miles each. So not exactly a surprise with the bad weather.

Overall, I think it's a product made for me. Wanting something not too shiny but not exactly dull either, just lifting up and darkening out the tyres to compliment the shine of the body.

Would I buy this again? Probably. I know of a more durable wheel dressing but in terms of money for value Yum's Dress wins.