Yum Cars



The Yum Detailer is our #1 selling product. It’s the centrepiece of our product line.

Yum Detailer is super slick, high-gloss and gives nearly any finish a just waxed look. 110% guaranteed to blow your mind and the scent will put a smile on your face!

Safe on paint, glass, chrome, fibreglass, plastic, aluminium etc.

Use to remove dust, light dirt and fingerprints and boost existing protection on your vehicle.

Aids in the drying process, maintains a just detailed look and feel.

Excellent for use as a lubricant for the clay bar or mitt.



The promise of a good smelling product certainly came true with this one! 

The Plush Towel supplied by Yum felt very good quality, very thick and a little weighty I couldn’t wait to go to work with it. The packaging for the towel was incredible too, I have never seen such a good quality bag for a towel.



Spray a light mist on to a panel then wipe down using the Plush Towel. As easy as that.

There are other methods for using the speed detailer, 1.) drying aide, and 2.) lubricant for a clay bar.

For the purposes of this test, the conclusion is based on using Detailer to boost an existing wax protection. However, this review will be updated to show the products performance as a drying aide and lube for a clay bar in the near future.



The quality of this product left me impressed. Application was a doddle and (as shown by the picture) helps water beading very well. Just over a week since application and the spray is still there and still supporting the slowing wearing away wax underneath. Thanks to Storm Brendan this week, I have been walking out to the car full of beads every morning and night.

An effective product to help boost existing wax protection, this certainly left a sweet smell up my nose.

Next up will be to try this out as both a drying aid and also as a clay bar lube.