The Last Coat



The Last Soap is infused with our popular TLC™ coating technology. This means that The Last Soap will wash, detox, seal AND revitalize the surface of any vehicle while also laying down a thin layer of our coating technology.

A pH neutral shampoo, which means The Last Soap is gentle on any surface and coating, while also detoxing and lubricating your vehicles surface during use.

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I'm normally used to a typical 'soapy' smell when it comes to popping a bottle of shampoo, but I didn't expect this to have a bubblegum smell. Also, the product was very glittery!

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The usually method for shampoos... correct measurement (as per instructions) into the bucket with a foam up with the gun, and we're off!

For this review, my trusty Dooka wash pad was out. Easily my favourite pad, this always compliments a good shampoo. After a quick snow foam as a pre-wash it was time to get to work, and straight off the bat the suds were out!

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A very sudsy product! The one thing which surprised me the most (which is why I'm saying it first) is the durability of the suds. What I mean by this is the length of time the suds stuck around while cleaning the car - they were still there after spending a good bit of time going round the car.

Using this the conventional way of in the bucket, I also noted this is also good for snow foams... one to try out next!

Overall, I liked this product. Very sudsy, slick and slippery. It certainly did the job with easy on both this car and also the daily afterwards. I think TLC are on to something good with this one...