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Car-bonate your wash routine with our Cola infused premium car shampoo. Completely protection safe and extremely concentrated. As little as 10ml is needed in your wash bucket for amazing results.


First impression (with some anticipation) was the smell, and I wasn’t disappointed. I was fascinated with the colour of the product too in all honesty but I don’t know why…

On a side note, the smell of the shampoo reminded me of a drink called Glava, if you know what that is.


Following the recipe, the recommended amount if 10-15ml to a 20L bucket, which is a pretty good ratio if you ask me.


In short, this is a very fun product due to the smell which also lives up to the challenge when putting the product through its paces. Very sudsy and very slick on the paintwork, it did a very good job of making light work of the lingering dirt.

One measure I always use for a shampoo is the length of time if takes for the suds to complete clear. Normally a good product lasts on the paintwork for ages, to the point where the water starts to dry... which was true with this product.

So, would I buy this again? Absolutely, and not just for the divine cola flavoured smell.

One funny point to mention is that you do get wiffs of the cola as you are cleaning. So the smell isn't just around when first cracking open the bottle.

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