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Classic's & Cake

Duke of London

Here are some snaps from the crispy (and, honestly, fucking freezing!) morning at Duke of London's workshop tucked away just off the high street Brentford, London.


An amazing morning absolutely jam packed with cars from all different era's and all walks of life in attendance.


Hilariously, Merlin (The Duke) mentioned in the morning that he was shitting it a little due to a technical glitch on his website which meant there wasn't a cap on the limit of cars which could sign up to attend. Fair play to him and his team, even with an estimated 100+ cars over the capacity the morning went without a glitch from my view. To see so many cars in a tiny part of London was a treat!


The location of the Duke's unit is somewhat of a hidden little gem with a lot of classic charm of a coachwork feel from way back when. Amazingly, the Duke also owns one of West London's oldest surviving music pubs which sits adjacent to the unit.

Filled with a variety of people from all walks of life, it's safe to say I will be going to the next one, only this time hoping that my nipples do not turn in to glass cutters!

Well done Duke, well done.