I'm always a little picky with wheel cleaners and iron removers. They either work well or not at all from experience. First impressions were good - packaging was good, smell was the standard smell you get from a product able to remove iron deposits but the liquid was not as thick as you would expect.



A quick blitz with a pressure washer and a scrub to get rid of most of the light dust and dirt on the wheel, it was time to apply the product.

A lot foamier than I first anticipated, hinting that it has something else other than pure fallout remover in the mixture. It didn't take long for the product to start reacting and turning purple.

I always find giving the product a rub to agitate the area always does a lot of good. I have seen some take a 'hands off' approach, but I always end up using more product and making less of an impact in this case. Friendly tip... use a brush and some wheel woolies!

Screenshot 2020-06-24 at 16.53.59.png


As far as wheel cleaners go, I was impressed with it. The foam, or should I say the amount of foam, blending with the fallout remover was a bit of a surprise when spraying, but it seemed to work well on the wheels... which do take a hammering on this car (a trusty daily!).

Would I use the product again? I actually would. As far as products go, this product is one to keep handy for when the weeks need a quick blitz.