What started as a simple pass-time for an enthusiastic detailer, has since grown into what Detailer's Delight is today.

Founded on a bed of passion, our mission is to be a driver of good for the industry.

We are here to service all needs and support those who wish to seek assistance shaping their businesses' future.

Quick social media facts and statistics:

  • 1.7m+ unique accounts reached in 7-days

  • 3m+ impressions in 7-days

  • #1 ranked engagement vs competitors

  • 7k+ profile visits in 7-days

Please note the above are facts and are a true reflection of our social media presence, and not inflated in any way. We will never claim to be something we are not... such as the 'worlds number one detailing community hub'. If you are looking for that, try Detailingworld.co.uk :-)


Image by Erik Mclean